Welcome to the website of the Ragdoll cats - Lucka Ornell * CZ breeding station.
We fell in love with Ragdoll cats about eight years ago at a cat show. Thanks to that, we founded our Ragdoll breeding station registered at FIFE in 2015. I have reached out to major and experienced Ragdoll breeders from all over Europe and so it all began. The Ragdolls have fascinated us with their amazingly beautiful nature, they are loyal pets and excellent companions at home.
Our goal is to breed good quality, healthy individuals. Our cats can move freely around the household and are rightful members of our family. Every kitten bred as a pet will be dewormed, 2x vaccinated and castrated. Kittens for breeding will be chipped, provided with a pet passport, dewormed and 2x vaccinated and vaccinated against rabies.

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